Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions

  1. All our services are pre-paid services only. Hence you need to top-up account before sending actual campaign.
  2. Filtering credits are deducted based upon numbers uploaded and Not on result of valid WA number found within your uploaded list. You need to buy filtering credits additionally if not part of standard plan.
  3. With World Plan you are authorized to broadcast messages to any country via WA Numbers. And with India Plan you are authorized to send messages within India only.
  4. WA Marketing service is meant to be used as one-way outbound messaging only and content should be Promotional or Marketing Type only. And all messages go as unidirection outbound campaign only.
  5. Use of this panel as Transactional Service is NOT available.
  6. Incomming response on WA number are not capture hence we cannot display or provide this information in WA Marketing Service
  7. Sending personal messages that are non-professional is Strictly prohibited. And any attempt found of misusing system would lead to service termination immediately.
  8. Ownership of content sent via WA using our platform is completely owned by Client / Service User and we are NOT responsible in any way as we are not monitoring content nor manually managing the service.
  9. This service is meant to be used for send large volume bulk WA messages only. Minimum single campaign size should be minimum 1000 numbers.
  10. Delivery of messages is subject to plan enabled. If you have availed Economical Plan then kindly note delivery would be as per plan. And hence 100% delivery is not applicable.
  11. WA randomly blocks our sender channel numbers hence detailed delivery based report per message is not available.
  12. Filtering is an add-on service and average time to filter database is 1 working day. Hence always plan your campaign in advance to avoid last minute concern over filtering not completed.
  13. Real-time instant delivery of all messages is NOT Supported as WA works in sequential response (one-at-a-time) hence don’t consider it as SMS Service. As per security policy we capture IP and timestamp of system used for login into our WA marketing application.
  14. Sharing of login details that might lead to account/service misuse will be completely owned by client. As we have all necessary controls and security measures to restrict unauthorized access from our end. However if password is compromised/shared then we cannot help in that case. You need to reset password or send request to us to deactivate account. Refund in such case would not be applicable.
  15. Any kindly of Hate/Vulgar/Racist/Adult/Abusive/Misguiding/Fraud/Harassment content (text/media) of any format is strictly prohibited and if during content validation / content audit / complain received (directly or indirectly from 3rd party / Internal system level alert generated based on Banned keywords used in message) and we identified that our service platform is used for unprofessional communication then company hold rights to terminate service with immediate effect and NO REFUND is applicable.
  16. Customer should instantly reset the password once received from login details from support team. If customer fails to regularly update password and any unknown campaign runs from client account. WorldCampaignKing is not responsible as system by itself cannot determine its your campaign or fake campaign.
  17. Any attempt of Hacking/Cracking/Virus Attack/DDos Attack/SQL Injection/Misuse of System or Service intentionally or unintentionally is Strictly prohibited and company hold rights to terminate service with immediate effect and NO REFUND is applicable.
  18. Post Usage of service for few days termination request on excuse of delivery speed issue would NOT be considered as reason for Refund. Kindly contact Support Team for any such performance related issue and team will ensure your issue are resolved on highest priority.
  19. Client need to run demo test before running actual campaign. Post broadcasting of campaign refund due to incorrect content would not be considered.
  20. If due to any reason system fails to capture count of number uploaded or balance credits then campaign would be discarded by the system.
  21. Ownership of quality of numbers is solo owned by client.
  22. Client need to ensure they upload only 1 number per line without any space, special character, whitespace, landline number, junk number uploaded the credits would be deducted by the system. Hence we always recommend client to do filtering before uploading campaign.
  23. Client need to understand credit calculation process before running campaign. Post running campaign credit refund would not be applicable.
  24. If you are facing delivery issue kindly send email to Support Team . Along with sample numbers to validate status of delivery by our team. Do note delivery of messages depend on size of camapign and overall server load. Hence instant high speed delivery of only single user camapaign is not possible.

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