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WhatsApp Marketing Services in Malaysia

We all know how popular WhatsApp is in Malaysia. Almost everyone who uses smartphone is using WhatsApp. And people check whatsapp messages more frequently then any other application in mobile. So why not you use this platform to promote and grow your business. We offer ready to use web-based whatsapp marketing service in Malaysia. And best part is you don't need to buy channels. Only buy credits and you are good to go. Your whatsapp messages would be broadcasted immediately and you can also view campaign report online.

What better way to promote your business in Malaysia then sending Images with Caption and Video with Caption messages using our Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Services in Malaysia. We provide a complete user friendly web-based portal for you users to run and manage their campaigns independently. Also we have inbuilt option for you to filter active whatsapp numbers from your unverified database. So now you can save money and send campaign to active whatsapp numbers users only in any part of the world.

Start Whitelabel Reseller WhatsApp Marketing Service in Malaysia / WhatsApp Blasting Service

Are you having good contacts in industry ? Are you looking forward to resell our whatsapp marketing service in Malaysia. We do offer whatsapp whitelabel reseller account. And you will be able to independently manage all your sub-resellers and users. Also you get complete control over volume of credits you want to assign to your clients at your prefered rate. Our branding will not be visible hence your client will always be your client only.

Overview of our WhatsApp Marketing Services

We have more than 9 years of experiance in WhatsApp Marketing.
  • We provide Web Based Online Portal. So now you can manage and run campaigns independently.
  • We offer custome plans as per customer need.
  • For Resellers we have advance Reseller Plans, however single order volume to avail reseller plan should be big.
  • Your account will be activated within 2 hours of payment received.
  • You can view/download Campaign Submission Report online.

Key Highlighites WhatsApp Marketing Services

Best Plan at most affordable rate in industry.
  • You can now send Text / Images / Video / Audio / PDF files using our online portal.
  • Every number is not on whatsapp. Hence use our WhatsApp Number filtering service & save money.
  • 1 Credit = 5000 Character Text Message.
  • 1 Credit = Images / Video / Audio / PDF File upto 5 MB.
  • You can send Caption Message upto 500 Characters at no additional cost.
  • Daily Sending Capacity is 500K Messages/Day

WhatsApp Marketing Services in Malaysia:

At WCK we know that many customers in malaysia are looking for bulk whastapp in malaysia or bulk whatsapp message in malaysia even many search for bulk whastapp sms in malaysia, bulk wapp in malaysia. There are few companies that offer desktop based bulk whastapp sender in malaysia or commonly known as bulk whatsapp blaster in malaysia / whasapp bulk sender in malaysia / whastapp marketing tool in malaysia / whastapp marketing software in malaysia. But biggest problem with these softwares is that you need to always keep buying channels to send messages. And getting channels is very hard and many times you need to wait for days for your vendor to provide you channel. And in worst case they give your reused channels then within seconds of using they will get blocked and you will not be able to run camapign.

However we at WCK offer credit based in malaysiabulk whatsapp marketing in malaysia or you can say whatsapp marketing in malaysia services. So now you don't need to worry about channels. Only buy credits and you are good to run whatsapp campaigns. The bulk whastapp service in malaysia is not an whastapp marketing app in malaysia but a promotional whastapp messages in malaysia / bulk promotional whastapp in malaysia that you should use to send only whastapp promotional messages. Incase you intend to resell our web-based service we have bulk whastapp reseller panel in malaysia, bulk whastapp reseller plans in malaysia, bulk whastapp white label panel in malaysia, best bulk whastapp panel in malaysia. The is best bulk whastapp service in malaysia over bulk whatsapp blaster in malaysia and using our portal you can send international bulk whastapp in malaysia. And you can grow your business as bulk whastapp service provider in malaysia and grow as bulk whastapp company in malaysia

Key Highlights of Our WhatsApp Marketing Service !


WhatsApp Marketing

You can now send Video / Images / Audio / Text / PDF files using userfriendly Web-Based portal.

Whitelabel Reseller Panel

If you wish to resell our WhatsApp Marketing Service. You can buy our Reseller WhatsApp plan.

Filtering Service

Every Number is Not on WhatsApp. Hence you can now using our filtering service to get valid number list.

Get Detailed Report

You will get system generated detailed report post each campaign completion automatically.

Flexible Plans

We understand everyone has its own specific requirment and need custom plan to fit there needs.

Credit Based Plans

We give you full access and control to manage and run your campaigns independently.

Be Careful with Desktop Based WhatsApp Marketing Software in Malaysia !

There are few compaines that claim to offer desktop based software for whatsapp marketing. But practically its useless because you need to have unique whatsapp channels with you each time you wish to run campaign. And arranging new sim numbers to generate channels would not be possible, so be careful before you plan to buy software that says send unlimited messages. As they will only sell software but to use software you need channels that they will charge you too high amount each time you wish to run campaign.

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