How to become WhatsApp Reseller ?
You can join our White Label WhatsApp Reseller program to become Bulk WhatsApp Reseller. To know more connect on +91-9975685367/9175920481 or Email us as at : [email protected]
Looking for Best WhatsApp Marketing Software ?
If you are looking for Best WhatsApp Marketing Software, you should go for Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Service only. As sending bulk whatsapp messages via Single WhatsApp Number is not possible technically. As sending bulk whatsapp messages to unknown numbers via single number will lead to your whatsapp number getting BANNED. But if you use or Bulk WhatsApp Service you can run campaign easily as we send your whatsapp messages via our pool of numbers hence even if one channel/whatsapp number gets banned. Automatically your message will continue to broadcast via other number integrated in your system automatically.
Can I send Bulk WhatsApp via Single Number ?
No, its technically not possible to send bulk whatsapp to unknown numbers. As per whatsapp spam policy if you send few hundred messages from your numbers to unknown whatsapp numbers. Whatsapp will BAN your whatsapp number in few hours. Hence you only need use Online Bulk WhatsApp Service for this. So, if any website or person says buy our software and send unlimited WhatsApp Messages using it. Then trust us they are just misleading you as they also no its not possible pratically.
Bulk WhatsApp Sending Software vs Credits Based WhatsApp Marketing Service ?

On internet there are many Bulk WhatsApp Sending Software available at one time cost and claim to provide unlimited sending capacity. But fact is even after sending few messages you will find your whatsapp number is BANNED. This is because technially its not possible to send bulk whatsapp via single number. Also whatsapp regularly update its applicatoin. And these software stop working after few days. So pratically they are useless for you.

Instead you should go for Credit based whatsapp marketing service. In that you don't need to install any software or worry about channel getting banned by whatsapp. As you upload thousands of numbers, online system will automatically start broadcasting your messages via multiple virtual whatsapp numbers integrated to our system. And hence you get high delivery without any headache or worry about whatsapp number getting banned.

What is Filtering in WhatsApp Service ?
Filtering is a process / service. That helps you identify out of total mobile numbers uploaded by you. How many are live whatsapp number and how many are invalid number. Post filtering is done you get a download file of valid whatsapp number as on date.
Can I capture response via WA Marketing Service ?
In whatsapp marketing service as messages are broadcasted via pool of whatsapp numbers integarted to our system. Technically its not possible to capture incoming response. However you can always put your alternate contact number or whatsapp number in your WhatsApp Campaign message so any interested person will contact you via that number directly.
Can i send Button or Menu List in WhatsApp Marketing Service ?
Yes, Definately you get report in whatsapp marketing service. Its an automated system hence once the compaign is completed you can directly download the campaign report file online from portal.
Can i send 1 Lac messages via Whatapp Marketing service ?
Yes, you can send 1 lac messages via whatsapp marketing service. And to do this you just need to buy whatsapp credits and upload whatsapp number list in panel along with your campaign content.
Can we Send Messages through API in WhatsApp Marketing Service ?
If you wish to send messages through API you need have WhatsApp Official API service only. Using WhatsApp Marketing service its not possible as messages are send via pool of whatsapp number and not dedicated one whatsapp number as in case of Official WhatsApp Service.